A Car Battery Tester

Automobiles these days speak more about luxury and comfort. You might find all the modern and sophisticated devices fitted in your car. Radios and simple cassette players are now replaced by iPods and DVD players. You can also watch movies and video clips in your car while you are on the go; the LCD screens have made this possible. No need to carry a road map with you when you travel, a GPS device that is fitted in your car will display the map and will navigate you to your destination. All these, devices though are very useful, they still have to rely solely on your car battery. We will understand the importance of our car battery only when the car refuses to start and work well. To help you understand the problem and to test your battery regularly, you should always keep a car battery tester handy. The car battery tester will not only detect the problem but will also show you the solution read this.

The BCI adjustable load test is a measurement used to determine if your car battery is in good condition or needs immediate replacement. The voltage drop of your car battery is measured when half the car batteries CCA rating is applied to the load. The load should not be applied for over 15 seconds to measure the drop in the voltage. The difference in the temperature plays an important role and the readings might not be accurate. The desired drop in the voltage should be below 9.6V. If your reading is below 9.6V your battery is said to be in good condition.

The battery performance differs as per the atmosphere and the temperature outside. If your battery is heated, let your battery cool itself before you start your engine. And when it is really very cold make sure your battery warms up. The standard temperature for both hot and cold temperatures should be room temperature to accurately measure your battery reading.

When your battery gets discharged completely and you need to recharge it, try not to use the quick charging battery charger. This might use high current to charge your battery quickly but in the end will damage all your sensitive plates and parts inside your battery. Use a suitable car battery charger which might work slowly but effectively, and which will cause no damage to your car battery. The other option you could use is to jump start your car using another fully charged battery and connecting jumper cables to transfer the energy into your dead car battery.