Caring Tips for Your Gemstone Bracelet

To keep gemstone bracelets looking as sparkly as the day they were purchased, a few simple steps are needed. Follow this guideline for preventative care of your jewelry to maintain the vibrant appearance of your pieces as well as preserve its’ value. Through regular maintenance, a valuable gemstone bracelet can retain its value over many years.

Birthstone bracelets often have a sentimental value, so when it comes to caring for a gemstone jewelry item, regular cleaning and careful storage are important. Each of your birthstone bracelets should be cleaned on a regular basis to keep them looking their best. This is especially true if you they are worn frequently. For example, if a gemstone bracelet is frequently worn, a buildup of natural dirt and oils from your wrist can start to accumulate. The more often a piece of jewelry is exposed to skin and other elements it comes into contact with, the more likely it will start to look dirty. Preventing this buildup of oils and dirt in between the links of your jewelry will require a regular cleaning session. Be prepared to spend ten to fifteen minutes on this step.

To further avoid a buildup of dirt and oils, the safest way to keep your gemstones clean are to soak the entire bracelet in warm, soapy water and then gently clean the piece using a soft brush. You can dry the jewelry item(s) with a soft cloth. Most of the time, just by soaking the jewelry in mildly soapy water loosens dirt and debris stuck to it. By soaking it first, you loosen the dirt and oil and have a better chance and less time needed to clean it with your brush. As with all fine jewelry, (white gold, yellow gold or platinum), you will want to avoid harsh chemicals that will damage not your gemstones and metal. Stay clear of ammonia based cleaners and other strong chemicals that will peel the dirt away rather than gently loosen. This is true for any diamond or birthstone bracelet you own.

How you store a gemstone bracelet is as important as how often you clean it. If you have a jewelry box with separate compartments and sizes for different jewelry pieces, keep your bracelet laid flat inside the box. The important thing is to not tore the gemstone jewelry next to each other, to prevent tangling and scratching. Keeping it straight in the compartment will ensure an easy retrieval each time you want to wear it.

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