Grow Your Own Sprouts

Sprouts have been one of my favorite condiments to add to salads and sandwiches. But some time ago I had the pleasure of growing commercial sprouts for a company that finally got it right in my mind. Because I have believed for a long time that in order to produce food with nutrition in it you must feed your plants something that is nutritious. My choice is nutrition from the sea. The ocean is still packed with all the minerals that our body needs to maintain total health and function at an optimal level. Minerals from the sea come in many forms but I prefer to feed my sprouts seaweed resources.

Instead of getting into all the theory about nutrition and why you should eat organic pesticide and chemical free food. Let me say, it just makes sense to me. Try to stay away from as much chemicals and pesticides as you can. Grow your own food if you can and then you know what you are eating. That’s why sprouting is so great because you can actually feed your plants sea weed and they will uptake the minerals. Then when you consume the sprouts you will be getting all the trace minerals that your body wants.

The real test for me is the taste. My sprouts always taste better when I feed them sea weed. In fact if you grow your own you will almost always have better tasting sprouts than you can purchase. These days there are many different spouters that you can buy and grow nutritious food of your own.

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