How to Eat Healthily on Your Courier Driving Jobs

We’ve all seen couriers and other professionals in similar jobs stopping off at the local burger bar to get some sustenance during a long day. Let’s face it, fast food stops are easy to find and they offer quick hot food that tastes pretty good. The only trouble is the food isn’t good for you. It’s okay to eat it once in a while, but if you work on courier driving jobs on a regular basis and you eat junk food on a regular basis, it won’t be long before you notice your trousers are a little tighter than they used to be Dream Drivers.

But don’t worry if you recognise these signs. There are some good ways to make sure you get out of the bad habits and into some good ones from today onwards.

Plan ahead

Taking on courier driving jobs means you will never know where you’ll be next. If you aren’t prepared it is more tempting to stop off at the next burger bar because you don’t know when you’ll next have the opportunity to eat or drink something. So, instead of relying on what you can find, take some food with you. Sandwiches can easily be made up the night before, as can healthy dishes involving rice, chicken and perhaps some salad vegetables. If you hate soggy salad, you can do that bit just before you leave home. Alternatively get a divided lunch box that keeps everything separate.

Think high-energy snacks

Chocolate bars aren’t the best snack to have because they give you a temporary high and then bring you crashing down to the ground again. This isn’t great when you’re supposed to be focusing on courier driving jobs. Think about getting high energy snacks instead and keep a few in your vehicle. Bananas work well and they keep for a few days too. A handful of nuts or grains may not sound as appealing as chocolate, but you’ll feel more alert in an hour or so from when you have one than if you have a chocolate bar.

Have a proper breakfast

Unfortunately some drivers think the only proper breakfast is a cooked one. This could be true if you have a boiled egg with some wholemeal toast to dip in it, but it doesn’t hold true for sausages and fried eggs. A good bet is porridge or some kind of wholegrain cereal. It will keep you feeling fuller for longer and thus less likely to snack on something you shouldn’t have. You’ll notice how much better you feel when you’ve done this for a few days.

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